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fizsh on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

December 3rd, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The user frendly fizsh shell is working on Mac OS X Lion! I managed to build and install version 1.0.5 with some small tweaks. (Well, I can not do big tweaks…) The way to do it:
- download package from here
- unpack to a temporary dir
- change directory to the fizsh temporary dir
$ ./configure
$ sudo make
$ sudo make install
$ fizsh
- there are a few errors that we’ll find and correct:
$ sudo vim /usr/local/bin/fizsh
– edit rows 45 and 46 and remove the ‘i’-s from the end of the sed commands
$ sudo cp -r /etc/fizsh /usr/local/etc/
– I did not have the guts and the knowledge to remove the fizsh dir from /etc, although I am pretty sure these scripts are just copied to $HOME/.fizsh/ only when someone is using fizsh for the first time and that is copied from under /usr/local/etc/fizsh/. So I put a README in these two places addressed to the later me explaining the reason for the doubling of the dir.

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